What is Delhi famous for?

Chandni Chowk Dec 09, 2019

The word India conjures up an image of vivid colours and experiences, some esoteric and some mundane. Delhi, perhaps is the best place to soak in all those colours and experiences as it is a microcosm of India. Cultures from all over India, history of kings and queens, monuments of eras gone by, culinary variety, shopping options and regal palaces, administrative blocks make Delhi a city worth exploring.
The intellectual milieu and the cultural history of Delhi make it a unique city in the world to visit. It would be difficult to point out one or two things about Delhi as it has a plethora of options to absorb the culture.


Delhi has been the capital of various kings over the known history and each of them left their own marks in terms of architectural wonders. Qutub Minar, a minaret dating back to the 12th century is a UNESCO world heritage site. The serene surroundings of Qutub Minar surely transports you to a different world in the middle of a city din and roar. The Red Fort bears a silent testimony to the Mughal period and even today the flag hoisting on Independence Day happens here. Akshar Dham and Lotus Temple while recent in history add to the architectural wonders of Delhi.

Colonial and Sultanate History

Since early 11th century Delhi has seen numerous battles and throne changes between Khilji’s, Lodhi’s, Mughal’s and Colonial rule of Britain. The monuments such as Hauz Khas, a cemetery and tomb water tank; The Imperial Hotel from the colonial period; Rajghat, resting place of Mahatma Gandhi surrounded by a museums of colonial period, National Museum with the collection of artifacts from various periods in history create a live image of the eras gone by.

Culture and Cuisine

The temples and Dargahs along with the presence of people from almost every state in India adds to the culture of Delhi. Akshardham and Nizamuddin dargah are examples. Beautiful botanical gardens and parks like Lodhi Garden, Buddha Jayanti Park, Nehru Park and Garden of Senses make delhi a treat for nature lovers. For the culinary enthusiasts Delhi can be a feast. It has delectable street food, Mughal cuisine, cuisine from various parts of India and the world create an ambience of culinary diversity to savour.
The Rajpath and India gate built to commemorate Indian Martyrs, bustle of busy shopping complexes like Chandni Chowk, Connaught place, Khan Market echo of the history of Delhi and enliven places of mortar with character and stories.
Delhi with all this history and culture transforms itself into a lively entity to be experienced than a city to be visited.