What products are the best to buy in Delhi?

Delhi Dec 12, 2019

Delhi’s marketplace, being in the capital of the diverse and culturally rich country that is India has always strived to be representative of the country’s culture. Its representativeness is reflected in the government’s efforts to promote handicrafts from various states through state emporiums and private retailers in the city’s market selling goods and souvenirs from different states; this is a unique advantage the shopper has in Delhi. Shopping in the state emporiums is like taking a mini-tour of India and wading through a treasure-filled collection of souvenirs.

Delhi has another advantage of having a vast, organized marketplace which has a strong historical background – Chandni Chowk market. Establishments here are grouped, which was how it was designed to be on its inception, during the rule of the Mughal ruler, Shahjahan, who was very detail-oriented.

The clothing markets of Delhi are very economical as compared to markets elsewhere in the country as a large number of manufacturing units are based in the city hence reducing transportation costs. Delhi has a wide range of shopping establishments at hand for the shopper, traditional bazaars selling goods ranging from accessories to street food to the swankiest of malls. The wholesale markets of Delhi also offer products at considerably lower prices than elsewhere in the country.

Some unique souvenirs that can be bought in Delhi are

Embroidered Handbags

Unique designs, both heavy and minimalistic, priced low to moderate and typically of high quality. It can be purchased in stores or on the streets and in the state emporiums on Baba Kharak Singh Road near Janpath.

Silver Jewellery and Accessories

Available in virtually any market of Delhi, but there are dedicated markets for silver in Delhi: Dariba Kalan- Street of the Incomparable Pearl and Kinari Bazar. From silver earrings to studs and from rings to necklaces, there isn’t anything that cannot be bought here. A vast majority of the jewelry shops design and mold their jewelry themselves

Indian Tea

Tea or Chai, which is what it is called locally, is everywhere in Delhi, from roadside tea stalls to Starbucks outlets. There are many options at hand like Assam Tea, Darjeeling Tea, Nilgiri tea, and many others.

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