What makes Delhi famous?

Delhi Nov 07, 2019

Assuming you’ve weighed pros and cons and are here for the stuff we’re famous and not infamous for, here’s a little more on how to make the most of this warm-blooded city.

Please note that the stereotypical Delhi aggression should not to be taken personally. Once you understand that auto drivers are the way they are with everybody, not just you, you’ll find it a lot easier to take grating conversations and attitudes in your stride.

Without further ado, here’s what makes Delhi famous.

Perhaps some of the best chaats in the country, and for non-vegetarians, scrumptious Mughlai food to suit everyone’s budget. You cannot leave without visiting the hole in the wall dhabas in Paranthe Wali Gali, Chandni Chowk, or miss the mutton rara at Rajinder da Dhaba, CP. We have food in all price and hygiene ranges, and it mostly tends to be finger-licking good.

Secondly, you can pick from monuments and architectural marvels across the seven empires this city has seen over the years. We have Tughlaq Era monuments, with clunky structures and an imposing feel, to the elegant Humayun’s Tomb, which feels like an invitation to relax and indulge the senses. Then, of course, there’s Lutyen’s Delhi, with its wide roads and towering Parliamentary structures made to house a cavalry per room.

Everywhere, there is beautiful sandstone, harking to yesteryear fully embedded in the present. Don’t be surprised to find laundry drying on the ledge of your favourite monument! Here we live and love in and with them.

A recent addition to the city’s coolness is the graffiti at Lodhi Colony, thanks to the Street Art Festival held here a few years ago. Artists are great about keeping the paint job neat and fresh, and it will take you a good five days to encounter all of the art this area possesses.

If you’re lucky enough to be in Delhi post Diwali, you get to enjoy some of the best live entertainment in the country, with gigs, to classical dance performances, to impassioned theatre productions featuring the rawest, most powerful talent we have.

But ultimately, Dilli hai Dilwalon ki (Delhi is of the good-hearted). Delhi belongs to the lion-hearted. That’s the impression I hope the city leaves you with warm-blooded folks with a hearty appetite and resilience to forge through our dicey weather.

Aqseer Sodhi

Aqseer Sodhi is a psychotherapist and founder of a preventive mental healthcare initiative called Aaina therapy www.aainatherapy.com. Check our anonymous support platform at www.reddit.com/r/Aaina