What Can I Buy In Chandni Chowk?

Chandni Chowk Nov 13, 2019

An interesting notion about Chandni Chowk is that Shah Jahan, the fifth Mughal Emperor had Chandni Chowk built so that Jahanara Begum, his eldest daughter can buy whatever she wanted. It is said it was Jahanara Begum who designed the market. The name of the market, some say has been after the Silver trade that historically took place in the market hence earning the name Chandni from Chandi.
The initial design of the market was a square in the centre of which was a pool of water. Today, the marketplace is a visual and auditory picture of chaos and the definition of hustle and bustle.

Many different kinds of shops have sprung up over the years and have catered to the needs of every type of shopper. The market is divided into different sub markets, each of which is popular for selling a particular type of commodity and has become that product’s synonym in the Delhi shopper’s market. Besides shopping and fashion, Chandni Chowk is famous for its food.

  1. Fatehpuri Market- The clothing section of Chandni Chowk. Different types of clothing items can be bought here ranging from georgette, chiffon to net. Here the clothes aren’t measured by meters but as a yarn.

2. Dariba Kalan: Known for its silver and gold products which are handmade. Authentic Attar or perfume is found here which is quite rare to be found in markets.

3. Moti Bazar: In this market pearls are sold and purchased, hence the name. Here reliable and high quality pearls can be bought in many sizes, colors and designs.

4. Daryaganj Book Market: Be it the latest best-seller or a book that is not in print anymore, Daryaganj is a hot destination for buying books. This market is organized every Sunday where the buyer can buy books for throwaway prices.

5. Kucha Choudhary Market : Also known as the photo market . A photographer’s paradise. One can buy all types of cameras and its accessories at every corner in this market.

6. Khari Baoli: Confirming to the westerner’s Idea of India, this part of Chandni Chowk is spice overload. All kinds of spices, herbs, nuts, dried fruits can be bought in this market.