The Best Weekend Getaway for a Girl-Gang in India

Mar 08, 2020

Why go shopping or malls when you can go to completely rejuvenate yourself with this natural retreats.

Visit Kasol for a two-day trip to explore a different side of Himachal Pradesh. Kasol is a hill town in Himachal which is famous for Israeli food and a small village called Malana. Malana is a strange but lovely place. The place holds various taboos and belief systems. If you ever come to Malana, here's a little story of mine, which will be an interesting read for you and give you insights into the unique culture of Malana.

Somewhere in the center of Malana lies a small temple, where no one is allowed to enter or touch its boundary except for the Malanis. They still believe that God exists in the temple, and it guides them for whatever they should do and what they shouldn't.

It was also said that they were to restrict every tourist to enter the village because God asked them to do this in a dream. It sounds way too strange, but I was very curious to know more about it.

Next time, if you travel to Malana, then you should go to Waichin. Book a cab for Waichin from Kasol. You'll go through Malana on the way. After around 20 min of travel after you go through Malana, you will find a dam which is the endpoint of the road. Then you can't go any further, then trek for around 1-2 hours. It's not a popular place but still a good place to enjoy nature's beauty.

Visit this place in any season, and it might surprise you with its beauty. When I went there in summer,  it was lush green, and when I woke up one morning in the tent, I was amazed to see the sunrise. The image is still burned into my memory. It was as if I encountered peace of mind at that point in time. On my other trip to Waichin during the new year, the color palette changed dramatically. There's also snow which happens during teh winters which will make your trip surely awesome and amazing.

People in the hills are so friendly that you won't feel alone there anytime. I would strongly recommend everyone to go to this place at-least-once and let your inner-self enjoy it. You can also help them in their work, and it will really make you happy. You can cook, paint, dance, etc. I mean you can do whatever you want to do. If you are a nature lover and like to meet people of different communities and observe the culture of people, then this should be on your bucket list.