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Delhi Nov 02, 2019

"Aaj jaane ki zid na karo" - A popular Urdu gazal translates to "Don't insist on leaving today". Every time I left Delhi, I could hear Delhi singing this gazal to me, holding me back. Delhi is a metropolitan city, union territory and the capital of India, but, beyond that, Delhi is a modern-day feeling absorbed in the realm of history, architecture, traditions and culture. Over time Delhi's classical monuments, traditional tastes, rustic creations are intensified by political movements, diverse universities and young start-ups.

Courtesy - Ranjan Simkhada

I visited Delhi in 7th grade. I went there with my parents. There's something weirdly funny about exploring a place with parents and then exploring the same without parents. Especially, because of the freedom involved then.  Delhi in my memory stocks a significant list of must-see places that accounts for vaguely serendipitous experiences with space and time. History-nerds, shopaholics, food lovers, political buffs, artsy creators - Delhi associates and welcomes all.

Most Indians will agree on how deeply Delhi strikes their taste buds. In Delhi, you have the Delhi cuisine, remember, Delhi's was a capital for various emperors  have unique cuisines inspired and influenced by a lot of factors over time. Delhi offers a wide range of authentic Indian food and finger-licking Mughlai and is known for the best street food destination in India.

Delhi is at the forefront for both traditional and international trends. Delhi, in our knowledge, balances between rich emporiums and posh malls yet embraces the oldest and busiest street bazaar in Asia - Chandni Chowk. If you don't like shopping, you'd definitely like taking pictures here.

Courtesy: Rohit Gangwar

A cool thing about Delhi is how well connected it is by the metro and a cool thing about the metro is that it is air-conditioned. The metro has over 160 stations, which include underground, ground and elevated stations and provides connectivity to Delhi Airport, Ghaziabad, Faridabad, Gurgaon and Noida.

Courtesy: Anoop SP

As a kid, I did explore some nightlife in Delhi but explored a lot more only lately. I've grown-up to be quite a laid-back party person and Delhi offers a great mix to the laid-back and the party person. I loved that I was able to party hard on a Friday night, enjoy live Jazz Music on Saturday Night and have late-night street food on all the days.

Krutikaa Jawanjal

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