Top Five Delhi Travel Hacks

Delhi Nov 12, 2019

Delhi Metro is the best mode of transport

Delhi Metro makes your journey all that you want it to be: Swift, Smooth, and Safe. Delhi metro is the great when you want to enjoy the view of the city. The wide and clean glass windows of the metro is make you feel as if you are watching the city on an HD TV Screen.

Yes, Tilak Nagar! No car

Never take your car/cab to Tilak Nagar main market. This place is a little heavy on traffic so best to avoid. Tilak Nagar market is the one-stop-shop for branded clothes as well as pocket-friendly quality garments and this is what makes it one of the most popular markets in Delhi.

Bargaining power for Palika Bazaar

Situated at the center of Connaught Place, this shopping plaza is famous for inexpensive clothes, perfumes, footwear and more. With your negotiation skills or a local friend, you will be able to grab anything, likely, at one-fifth of the price.

Catch celebrities at Lap, Hotel Samrat

Lap Club is co-owned by Bollywood actor Arjun Rampal and is frequently visited by his celebrity friends. If you are lucky you might get a glimpse of King of Bollywood Shahrukh Khan, Pretty woman of Bollywood Pretty Zinta and many more. The operational hours are 22:30-03:00.

Metro card and DMRC app make your life a little easier

There are two ways to travel via the metro, one is to be in the queue to buy an entry token and another is to get a metro card, recharge it with a certain amount and just swipe as you go. You know what to choose. Delhi Metro Rail app provides the customers of metro services with a lot of useful information that helps in using the Metro Services.

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