The Outdoor Activities which are Safe while maintaining Social Distancing

India Mar 21, 2020

To flatten-the-curve, significant steps have been taken worldwide; international flights hampered; trains and flights canceling; shops, cinemas, malls, shutting down; work from home; school and colleges closed, and curfews. Residents in India are recommended to stay in their homes, with the exception of people who work in essential jobs, such as health care. People can become unhealthy- both mentally and physically if they are bound in their homes for many days. Exercising, socializing, and/or taking a walk is essential. But shall you do this? Let's dig in further...

Is it safe to take your kids to a park? Can I walk my dog through the neighborhood? Should I take my kid to the unpopular beach? How do I keep my family still active?

Fresh air and exercise are important for your physical and mental health, and you should continue doing this but using direct precautions

Go to the Parks?

Do outdoor activities with the people in your household or intimate neighborhood. Stay away from people from a distance of six feet. Social distancing is crucial. Avoid shaking hands while greeting people; do Namaste or hand wave. The novel coronavirus is highly contagious, which can thrive in the air for hours and can be on surfaces for three days and can quickly spread by droplets from someone's cough.

  • Avoid going to museums, malls, cinemas, galleries, (Also, many will already be closed), but you can go to parks. Wear a mask and maintain social distancing. Going to parks is actually beneficial as it reduces stress. But don't visit crowded parks.
  • Biking, Hiking, Trekking, Jogging are advisable but avoid doing it in groups.
  • Contact activities like Frisbee, football, cricket shall only be played with immediate family members.

"You don't know the frisbee which the person threw back at you has germs or not."

Avoid Playgrounds?

Coronavirus can live on playground equipment, and it's not routine to clean or sanitize that equipment after every use, so avoid using them. Also avoid using equipment in public like street furniture, public toilets, elevator buttons, handrails.

Mitchell said New York is encouraging people to wash their hands and not touch their faces after visiting the city's playgrounds.

Avoid Crowd not public places

Beaches are not the problem; large crowds are the problem. You can still visit hills, beaches, rivers but avoid the ones where many people go.

Avoid Gyms, Pools and Sports Facilities

Gyms have equipment which is not disinfected after every use, so avoid Gyms, although water in pools are cleaned with chlorine, teh surfaces around teh pool aren't so avoided pools.

A Stroll in the Park is Just Enough

If you live in less crowded and sub-urban areas, then it is fine to perform outdoor activities as social distancing can be easily maintained. But if you live in metropolises and metropolitical areas, then avoid coming out of the apartment. It is better to go back to your hometown.

"We can't sit there in the room always! Think creatively about what you can do!