History: The first Hindu King in Delhi

Delhi Dec 07, 2019

The first Hindu king to rule over Delhi was Anangpal Tomar I in 736 AD and who is also believed to have founded the city of Delhi which was named Lal Qot with the city’s fort being in the Aravalli mountain ranges which was most likely thought of as a natural defense mechanism which was built by Anangpal Tomar II. Anangpal Tomar was forced to flee his earlier capital in Kannauj by the terror of Mohamed Ghazni and established the city of Lal Qot.
The Tomar rulers were believed to be descendants of the Pandavas, but that notion is still restricted to mythology, and nothing conclusive has come to the fore although it finds mention in Jain and Buddhist literature of the 6th century and Abul Fazl’s Ain-e-Akbari states that Humayun repaired the Pandava’s fort and who renamed it to Dinpanah. Archaeological excavations are underway at Purana Qila, which is calculated to be the fort of the Pandavas, which might prove the existence of their existence. Anangpal Tomar had ten sons, all of them who he sent to conquer new land and expand their empire. He and his successors ruled Delhi for over a century and built the walled city of Lal Qot with dams and tanks for the supply of water.
In 1151 AD, during Anangpal III’s regime, Visala, a Chauhan Rajput King of Ajmere, conquered Delhi but Anangpal arranged for the marriage of his daughter to Visala’s son and ruled Delhi till his death in the last quarter of the 12th century and was succeeded by his grandson Prithviraj Chauhan, otherwise known as Rai Pithora. This alliance by marriage is the reason why the Tomar-Chauhan Dynasty came to be used.

King Prithviraj’s reign was not a long one, but he expanded the Lal Qot city, built seven temples in the town, according to Rajput Architecture. He was defeated at the end of the 12th century at Tewari in the second attack of the Mohammedans under Sultan Mohammed of Ghor, and the city was to enter into a major transition in history and was to serve as the capital of Mohammedans for a long time to come.

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