"Stay Home" & Explore!

Mar 21, 2020

During this time, it is largely recommended to stay at home. We wish for your safety and well being but won’t let you lose any inspiration which the world has to offer. No matter where you are, we will still make you spellbound.

Stay Indoor but Explore

Museums, public spaces, gardens, monuments, and tourist places are all closed. Taj Mahal with many other historic destinations, regulated by the ASI, is also shut. With the government asking the people to follow social distancing, people are suggested to stay indoors and come out only under certain unavoidable circumstances.

But even if you are on your sofa, merely peeping out of the window, here is something which will satiate the travel bug in you and let the explorer present in you still thrive. There are digital tours, augmented reality shows, 360-degree views of museums, online exhibitions in museums, which you can even explore while in your home.

National Museum

360-degrees view of the National Museum

Explore the ancient art of penmanship and stonework in the National Museum, Delhi’s online exhibition. Suddenly there is so much in India, from bronze craftsmanship of initial civilization to musical instruments of the largest tribe in India- Santhals, potteries, treasures, masks. Get educated, Get Amazed!

  • Explore the Nauras, the many arts of Deccan and learn about the minute details used by the people of the ancient times to bring the exquisite masterpieces of Arts
  • Learn about the Santhal community and their love for music and nature. This virtual tour takes you to West Bengal and Jharkhand to see teh village life and an unusual music
  • See the pottery of ancient Peru. The country of Machu Pichu is a beacon of arts and culture in the southern hemisphere, learn about the brilliance of the ancient Peruvians who come up with great works of terracotta.
  • With 360 degree views of the museum, explore the bronze workmanship. Statues, reliefs, handicrafts, and much more, Learn right from the Indus Valley civilization to the medieval times, how bronze evolved.
National Museum, New Delhi- Objects of religious significance

Museum of Indian Arts and Culture

Learn about some of the most beautiful works in art and crafts. Life and actions of people, unique collections, and much more.

Google Art and Culture Tours

The Brahmin Thief and the Demon

Many displays and exhibition presenting artefacts and tools which are larger than life are available on Google’s Art and Craft Pages. National Museum, Craft Museum, and many other international museums are showing the greatest works of humankind through virtual tours and online displays.

Enjoy 360-degrees views of works of master architects, which will make you the thing that the world is no less than a dream. See the intricate detailing on the ceilings of the Sistine Chapel and some of the architectural masterpieces present in the world.

Also, the Street View is all set to take you around the world while you sit comfortably in your living room.


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