Sojourn in Rajasthan

jaisalmer Mar 02, 2020

Raghav Gupta is an IAS aspirant. He did his graduation in Architecture from IIT Roorkee. Architecture made him to visit several places in India. Here, he shares one of his journeys of his college days....

It was the last semester of college, and the placement season got over! It was December and yet another cold day in Roorkee. We decided that we should go to a new destination to enjoy “The Trip” to get “The Picture” for our Instagram. So, we three ghissus (college slang for nerds) went all the way to travel the golden triangle in Rajasthan. Quite impromptu, but with some planning, we managed to make the trip happen. We booked tickets for the train one day before the date of travel, booked hostels, and were all set.

I woke up late (as usual), had lunch, said bye to friends, and left for Delhi on a bus. We reached Delhi and went to the railway station to board our train. The next morning, we were in the Blue City of Rajasthan- Jodhpur. We went to our friend’s place in Jodhpur. Though it was December, the sun was a bit harsh. This was Rajasthan! We had a traditional lunch at our friend’s home and left to see the beautiful Mehrangarh Fort. The fort is a wonderful wealth of architecture. We saw the beautiful palaces of the royalty, which once lived in Jodhpur. The facade of the palaces was intricately carved out of stone. It was full of patterns and motifs- geometric, floral, vegetal, and abstract. It was a wonder and thought-provoking how many years would have been taken to build this place. We visited many small palaces in the fort, each evocating new feelings, telling their own stories. Finally, we went to the temple and left the fort. It was evening by then, and it got chilly. Then, we went to Shastri Circle and tried the local food. The area around was filled with cafes, where we ate yum food. Finally, we were at home, and we ate the traditional daal baati, which was not less than little drops of heaven.

The next day, we visited the old city of Jodhpur. We had our car, so we left there without wasting a moment. We visited the clock tower and took a stroll in the market. The market was filled with spices, food, and many other groceries. Next, we enter the old city. The walls were painted blue. Psychologically it did have a cooling effect on us on that sunny day. We visited the jhalara, which is a man-made stepwell used to collect water. We went to a cafe and enjoyed some drinks while enjoying the view of the old city.

The next morning we woke up early, around four, and it was very cold. It’s funny how in the desert region, the diurnal range is huge. We headed towards the Golden City of Jaisalmer in our car. All the way, singing songs and sharing stories, we arrived by late afternoon. Then we head to the Sam desert. The desert ecosystem was enticing with almost no vegetation, and the evening sun with it several warm hues were very attractive. Just as the sunset, the temperature changed highly. Then it was time for fun. We walked on the sand towards the dunes, hopped on one, and rolled down from there. Yes, we were dirty, and the sand was all over us, but it was fun. Then, we enjoyed a good camel ride. It was scary in the beginning, as once you ride a camel, you realize that it is too high, and the way it moves on the sand in the up-and-down motion makes you feel that you’ll fall at the very next moment. Then, we went to a camp where we enjoyed Rajasthani cultural performances like Ghumar dance and Rajasthani songs. Then we ate a traditional Rajasthani meal for dinner before going to our hostel.

Next, we woke up in the morning. We went to the terrace to see the view of the Jaisalmer Fort and the golden city. The view was amazing, the city has a unique character in terms of color and material, which makes it look so organic as if the city has just sprung out of the sands. And the way the golden earth contrasts with the blue sky makes the place and space around it even more magical. We had breakfast and started our day by visiting the Mehrangarh fort. It is one of the oldest living forts and is known for its architectural wealth. We ate snacks like Dal Pakwaan and Mirchi Vada on our way. The streets inside are uniquely individual as there are intricate carvings, wall paintings made only at the human eye level. We visited a Jain temple, and we were simply flabbergasted by the number of ornamentations and craftsmanship done in the interiors. It was simply overwhelming. Also, these temples have energy, which makes you feel energetic. There is a unique play of light and shadows as you go inside the temple. Finally, we left and were on our way to go to Jodhpur. Then, we stopped and did paragliding. It made my heart beat faster.

It was a journey to remember. It was a magical trip full of adventure, cultural destinations, several beautiful monuments, and inspiring moments. It was “The Trip” of college, which I will always remember and share with everyone.

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