SAIR MALL Online Retail

May 04, 2020

Sair Mall is a service for retail vendors to start selling online. Here's more information about it.

1. Download the Sair Mall App
Any shop owner can download our App to register their shop.

Click here to download:-

2. Why List Your Products?

  • Increased visibility across India.
  • Access to resellers.
  • Free marketing and account management.
  • Logistics fulfilled by Sair.

3. How to add products?

4. How to share products?

5. Beginning Of A New Journey
Hurrah! People can now order online, and you can deliver at their doorstep.

6. Subscribe To Delivery
We can help you with doorstep delivery. You can reach out to us for the delivery service anytime.

7. Huge Reseller Network to Boost Sale

Avail access to our huge reseller network to sell your products through our resellers spread across the country. The commission will be separate for this.