Is Delhi Safer than Mumbai?

Safety Nov 25, 2019

A Grim picture of Delhi: The ever ongoing Delhi Versus Mumbai battle is all fun and games up until it gets to the question which city is safer? The Delhiite does not exactly have firm ground to defend the city on the women’s safety.

The picture through numbers: The National Crime Records Bureau’s available data shows Mumbai is a safer city for women than Delhi on a yearly trend basis and Delhi has been consistently placed as the least safe city with in terms of crimes against women. In 2014, Delhi registered 1813 rape cases, compared to Mumbai's 607. The trend continued in 2015, with Delhi's 2,199 rape cases, Mumbai's 712. A dip in 2017’s registered rape cases in Delhi at 1,299 cases as compared to 287 cases in Mumbai doesn’t help Delhi’s case. And that is just one type of offence, other minor offences like molestation, criminal intimidation and catcalling for which cases might not have been registered do not reflect the graveness of the situation.

Bollywood’s effect: Being Bollywood’s hub city, Mumbai and its citizens have perhaps are more accepting of skin being on display than Delhi where the tendency to be cat called or commented is typically higher. People in Mumbai are constantly exposed to female celebrities and their public appearances through its local media. Their constant exposure to female celebrities in public has pushed them to view women’s dressing choices as glamorous and not as a sign of “availability”. All this is probabilistic keeping in mind the circumstances of the city. Delhi’s crime rate against women tells a different tale altogether.

It’s in the people: It is not an uncommon sight to see a Mumbai women, alone, late at night, returning home on the last local train and people not batting an eye because they are used to it, whereas it is an exceptionally rare sight in Delhi. There is a practice amongst the Mumbai men who don’t board the women’s compartment in the local train; the same cannot be said in Delhi metro’s case. People in Delhi tend to be a bit on the rougher side and the Mumbaikars have subtle camaraderie in them in public because perhaps they are used to the congestion and have learnt to be accommodative in comparison to the relatively open spaces in Delhi.