Is Delhi Safe?

Delhi Nov 16, 2019

Common sense is key- Delhi is relatively safe for the business traveller as long as one keeps their wit about them. Safety in the city pretty much boils down to common sense, if one stays clear of walking alone at night on a deserted stretch, and sticks to the crowded areas, and be aware of their critical belongings like phone and wallets, he/she would stay safe. It is advisable to keep handy phone numbers and locations of police stations near the traveller’s residence. One also needs to stay on the lookout for beggars as there have been reports of groups forming up and pick pocketing unsuspecting tourists.

Road Safety in Delhi- One also needs to stay wary of the congested roads in the city in the lanes not governed by traffic lights as it may not be immediately clear about the road being a one way or a two way road. Crossing the roads in Delhi are not governed by traffic signals and zebra crossings are seldom used. If driving, cars are right handed and are driven on the left side of the road. Traffic policemen can be seen manning certain traffic signals, they are known to be friendly towards the uninitiated.

Environmental Safety - Pollution is another cause of concern for the city and its dwellers. The traveller needs to note that staying indoors and not exerting too much on days with high AQI value can reduce damage. It is always advisable to wear a Pm 2.5 mask while outdoors. Advisable to monitor Air Quality on a daily basis before heading out for the day

Institutional Safety-All major government or private establishments have security measures in place as a standard operating procedure. The New Delhi region, also referred to as the Lutyens Delhi is relatively safer than the rest of the Delhi as it is housed by major government institutions. It is advised that the traveller may orient themselves with the location of the security personnel.

Delhi is a safer city than it is put out to be, and what works in any other city works in Delhi as well, common sense and being wary. It is not to say one must remain hawk-eyed at all times hindering the sights and the sounds the city has on offer but one must not remain the other way round too. Prior research and planning will help a great deal.