Is Delhi Safe At Night?

Delhi Nov 08, 2019

So you’ve decided to visit the big capital of the largest democracy on the planet, and you’re wondering how to find a fine line between what you read in the news versus tackling your desperate need to explore the city in the quietest hour! Frankly, it’s all easy if with Sair. And beyond all the safety features Sair provides, here is an advisory anyway.

DELHI is legitimately vast and varied. Let’s get the no-fly zones out of the way first.

I would not roam about alone at night in deserted areas. It is advised to avoid the unusual, unheard of areas. Some places here, like all metropolitan other cities, are underlit, and it best to maintain caution if you decide to approach these areas. If you’re coming to Delhi from other cities, feel free to get in touch with Sair Support for the best way to get somewhere.

Most of Delhi is downright chaotic during the day, but at night it seems quieter, so try and stick to the main roads.

Delhi offers a wide range of places to roam freely at night and offers a fun nightlife. South Delhi has a clubbing culture, so Aurobindo Market, Hauz Khas Village, SDA Market, Defense Colony, GK tend to be well populated, well lit, and also contribute towards the general sense of entertainment.

India Gate is an excellent option for those of us on a shoe-string budget or looking for a blend of local-pop culture rather than nightlife. The NDMC area is generally a safe bet, and you can walk around Khan Market, Lodhi Road area without worrying. It IS also patrolled throughout day and night.

Old Delhi is probably paradoxically and unexpectedly quite safe, as is Nizamuddin. There is an innate sense of trust of the average Islamic  tehzeeb, or etiquette (Apologies for the blatant stereotyping here). And these places tend to serve delicious food even late at night, especially during Ramadan. So feast freely here.

You will also enjoy walking around North Campus, especially within shouting range of the nearest hostel. You can comfortably walk around here, and the area is also student-friendly, cheap, and SAFE.

If you still have safety concerns, please feel free to reach out to Sair on +917428900535.

Aqseer Sodhi

Aqseer Sodhi is a psychotherapist and founder of a preventive mental healthcare initiative called Aaina therapy Check our anonymous support platform at