Where Can I Get Free Food In Delhi?

Delhi Nov 28, 2019

As the cliché goes, there are no free lunches in life. But for the hungry Delhiite, this cliché might not be applicable as quite a few places are offering free food. These places are working towards making the statement “ Delhi hai dilwalon ki” or Delhi is of the heartful, accurate for the character of the city. Some of these organizations are religious, and some non-religious but seem to work, nonetheless, for a common aim and objective “ food is a basic right” and “ no one to go hungry”.

  1. Gurudwara Bangla Sahib -

Probably one of the most serene and fulfilling places to witness good-hearted community service in the form at the langar the Gurudwara. Devotees are served a full meal here irrespective of caste, creed and religion. Devotees also have the opportunity to serve food themselves, clean the utensils or offer any required service as a means of paying their respects to the shrine and giving back to the community. The meals are served in three shifts in a day.

2. Chattarpur Temple-

This vast temple in south Delhi organizes a daily Bhandara or a community lunch for the needy and everyone wishing to eat there.

3. Café XCO-

Short for Exchange over coffee is a small café which is easy to be mistaken as a regular café. The café located in Delhi university’s north campus is always buzzing with students who are offered free coffees, sandwiches in exchange for books. The café’s management believes in exchanging knowledge for food, and the books are in turn available to be borrowed by its paying customers. 4. Mar Gregorious Orthodox church – Janakpuri- The church has a community fridge in its premises which is called Share N Care, the refrigerator was started to help the poor and needy in the locality. The fridge is stocked with sandwiches, fresh fruits and cold water.

4. Food for Life, ISKON, Delhi –

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The organization distributes food to over 7000 people everyday, which is prepared by devotee- volunteers to the temple.