Famous Dishes of Delhi

Delhi Dec 11, 2019

Delhi, a city which was rebuilt over a while, by many rulers and whose rebuilding stopped with the construction of Lutyens Delhi and who left their imprints on various aspects of the present Delhiite’s life, have also lent their contribution to the food palette of the city. And so the city today identifies with multiple dishes which have their precursors during the respective reign of many rulers.

There are however a few dishes Delhi is best known for:


You don’t go to the chaat in Delhi; the chaat comes to you, that’s how frequently one can spot a chaat stall in Delhi. The original chaat is a mixture of potato pieces, crispy fried bread, Dahi vada or Dahi Bhalla, gram or chickpeas, and tangy-salty spices, with sour Indian chili and saunth (dried ginger and tamarind sauce), fresh green coriander leaves and yogurt.


Delhi owes kebabs to its Mughal rulers who introduced the dish and which found its way into the restaurants. The best Kebabs can be found in the old part of Delhi, where Shah Jahan, the Mughal ruler, established the walled city of Shahjahanabad. Kebabs refer to any small chunks of meat cooked on a skewer.


This creamy, spicy broth of slow-cooked meat is served alongside hot tandoori rotis or preferably khameeri rotis. The dish was a royal breakfast item. Today it serves as the ideal nourishment for laborers, rickshaw pullers, coolies who have an intense day of physical labor ahead of them.


Paranthas is a prevalent breakfast dish in Delhi. It is flatbreads just like chapatti or roti; the only difference is that they have a thick texture to them. Various types of paranthas are available such as Aloo paranthas, Gobi paranthas, Paneer paranthas, and many more. Some restaurants in Delhi serve more than 100 different types of paranthas. The melting cheese on top tastes best with paranthas. Its popularity with the Delhiite is evident just by the fact that there exists a whole section of the Chandni Chowk market for paranthas called Paranthewali Gali.

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