Delhi For Business Travellers

Business Nov 15, 2019

The seat of democracy: The capital of the country, Delhi, sits in the heart of the country geographically and figuratively looking over the political workings of the diverse country that is India, There are a lot more reasons Delhi is an important city for the domestic and the international business traveller, apart from it being the capital of a country in which cultures and traditions change drastically in a matter of 100 kilometers.

A healthy amalgamation of the past and present: There are the run of the mill international chain hotels, convention halls, public wifi and transport between them that makes it all seamless for those, whose time means money. But what really sets the city apart is the fact that the modernity of the city is ensconced in the vibrant past of the city. Delhi offers you a historical perspective and its narrative through its monuments and sites. A side trip in either direction, i.e. to the south, nor to the north, Agra and Rajasthan respectively, won’t disappoint you.

The institutions of cultural posterity: Delhi, in addition to its numerous monuments has some noteworthy museums in the New Delhi area, which is seamlessly accessible by public/private transportation.

  1. The National Museum- which is in the heart of the city which is on the intersection of the Rajpath or the Kingsway and the Janpath or the commoner’s way symbolizing transparency and openness of the city. The museum takes the visitor on a chronological journey of the culture and traditions of India

2. The National Crafts Museum- The museum takes a crafts and handlooms approach to the history of the country. The museum integrates display of art, crafts and handloom artifacts alongside craftsmen on their trade.

3. National Gallery of modern art – Strengthening the city’s nature as a healthy amalgamation of the past and the present, the museum displays modern art

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Mini – India Delhi has a pan- Indian resident population which has given rise to the notion of it being a mini- India. Cultures from all over the country are practiced and accepted in the capital and harmony prevails. Summing up, Delhi is colourful for the seeker, quiet for the tired, however you want your itinerary, there is always something on offer to suit it. Delhi Beckons !