Bring your store in at your customer’s doorstep

May 04, 2020

Tired of managing your delivery boy and remembering change for each order, writing down phone number & address on a slip, and explaining the route to the delivery boy?

Are you tired of taking the order of the customer on call?

Are you interested in getting your store online for the convenience of your customer?

Are you interested in reaching the new customer, strengthening the bond with your loyal customers?

Are you interested in increasing your sales?

As a start to the finish service provider and as a partner, we empower shop owners to give their customers an authentic e-commerce experience—a delightful online shopping experience for your customers.

Benefits to the shop owner from the partnership: -

Get Online- Get your standalone website and app powered by Alluzo, personalize the online ordering experience for your customers.

Deliver at the door- Set the delivery radius from your shop, manage your delivery fleet in real-time.

Backend Solutions- Manage all your orders & billing smoothly; everything integrated into one place.

Marketing-From customer acquisition to re-engagement, all things digital for your brand

Dedicated Support- Reach out to us any day of the week, we’re always online.

Partners- Get access to our top-notch marketing, technology, logistics & payment partners.