Bring out the Artist in you with a Stroll in Markets in Jaipur

jaipur Mar 19, 2020
Traditional wooden blocks used for block printing in Jaipur

Art Aficionados' Favorites in Jaipur

Jaipur has a UNESCO ecosystem of itself- UNESCO World Heritage Sites- Jantar Mantar and Amer Fort; UNESCO World Heritage City- old fortified Jaipur city; UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage- Kalbeliya; and UNESCO Creative Cities Network of Arts and Crafts. Anyone who has visited the city will surely identify with Jaipur. Its imageability by its pink color dominating on the facade of the building has earned it the name Pink City. Apart from all this, it has unique arts and crafts which came in the city because of it being an ancient trade town. The city has the power to bring out the artist from any average person. Let's have a look at some of the significant crafts of Jaipur.

Lac Bangles

Lac Bangles of Rajasthan

Made up of lac and heating it over a furnace, around a wooden road and flattening it and making it in the bangle form. Earlier red, but today comes in various colors with gemstones put onto it. The process of making the bangles needs great artistry and skills and is usually done by families whose ancestors have practiced it for years. Manihar Lane, Tripolia Bazaar are places where you can find people selling and making lac bangles.

Blue Pottery

Blue Pottery

Blue Pottery is one thing that makes Jaipur proud. There is a small village called Kot Jewar, which has around 300 families that practices blue pottery. As the name suggests, the Blue Pottery or Blue Glaze pottery is ancient blue pottery that uses Persian blue color, but today uses a variety of colors too. This is also the only pottery technique that doesn't use clay. Very fragile but suitable for daily use, blue pottery is a dying art.

Leharia Tie and Dye

Lehariya salwar in Jaipur

Leharia is one technique of tie and dye. The technique is ancient and originated in the Kutch region. Lehriya means waves or wavy patterns, which is because of the alternating wavy patterns of white and colors which are formed. Cloth pieces are twisted, and knots are tied in gaps with the help of gaps. Usually, the craft is seen on clothes like dupatta or scarf on females and pagri or Safa on males.

Varakha Making

Varakh is an ancient craft technique in which very fine silver or gold foils are made, which are used to decorate sweets, fruits, paan, and sometimes even used for cladding. The craft is practiced for ages and is in high demand among the people across the country. Visit Pannigaaron Ka Mohallah, near Subhash Chowk, and you’ll hear hammering as the houses on the streets are full of the  community of Pannigars which are involved in making Varakh.

Stone Carving in Jaipur

Take a walk on the Khazane Walon Ka Rasta, and you are in one of the main centers for stone carving and stone inlay work in the city. You can hear the sound of stone cutting, hammering, and drilling as you enter the place near Ajmeri Gate. The crafting style is very ancient and was used to make the carvings which are still visible on Jantar Mantar, the City Palace, Hawa Mahal, and many old houses/bungalows in Jaipur old city.  

Wood Carving

Wood Carving Techniques in Jaipur

Woodcarving is one of the most beautiful crafts of Jaipur. It has been practiced for a very long time, the time when Maharaja of Jaipur wanted to contribute and support craft. The work got passed on in the family, and few interested artisans learned from their respective Gurus. It is a well-established craft and making of wooden idols.

Visit Jaipur and get a chance to see and observe the making of such great craft. People here are friendly and will be happy to let you try your hands on their pieces of equipment and materials.