Albert Hall, Jaipur

jaipur Dec 05, 2019

Albert Hall is a museum situated in Jaipur. The building of Albert Hall was built in 1876 as a concert hall. It was built during Queen Victoria's reign and named after her husband. The museum has 19th-century metal works including vessels, figurines, and salvers with zodiac signs, shields representing epic battles of Mahabharata, Ramayana and others. The museum is open from 9 in the morning until 5 in the evening, throughout the week.

Completely air-conditioned museum housing some rare and historical items collected from the time of the British. The building itself is exquisitely built in marble. It has ample collections of ancient weapons, pottery, jewellery, sculptures, paintings and other heritage items. Coin collection includes coins from the Gupta dynasty, Delhi Sultanate, Mughals and British Raj. Highlight display at the museum would be the Egyptian mummy housed in the basement of the building. Albert Hall is the only museum in India which showcases an Egyptian mummy.

The visit is systematic so you can follow the path from start to finish. The facility of an audio guide in both Hindi and English is available. You can purchase a 'composite' ticket at the ticket counter which permits you to enter many other tourist spots without having to go through the ticket counter queue.

Albert Hall has Indo-Saracenic architecture. In the evening the building is lit up in various colours and looks terrific. It has a grand structure, like a stately structure. There are a lot of pigeons outside the museum. The museum is different from city palaces and other forts because the displays belong to different eras, countries and civilizations. At the exit, there are some people playing music and performing a puppet show. There is also a zoo nearby in case you are interested. Yummy street food is available outside the museum at Masala Chowk.