A Promising Timepass

India Mar 24, 2020

Share, Resell, Earn, Repeat!

Earn extra money while doing your chores

Dire need of some money? Want some extra Rupees? With most of us staying indoors, there isn’t pretty much to do. But you can still earn. While reading that old novel or painting that canvas which was on your bucket list, you can get money by simply using our reselling services. Octo has come up with a way to let you earn money without leaving your home. And it’s simple and superb!

Resell our exciting products and get amazing commissions!

The world is a scary place. People are suffering excruciatingly, and others are terrified! We don’t know when the shop will reopen, or college campuses are safe. Till then, everything looks still. But the good news is that you always have your business running and yes! That is safe and legal!

Start your own business, which is flexible. Our reselling services let you earn some extra money by referring and selling our quality products. Relax, this is not a scam or a 9-5 job. This is something that you can do while sitting on your couch during this lockdown, or you can continue after it.

Some sharing, some socialising and cha ching! There you Go!

All you have to do is share, sell, and earn. Octo is extending its arms, now. Now we are not limited to experiences and travels. There are a bunch of products- English Classes, Competitive Exams, Prep Courses, Body Fitness, and Transformation Plan, and there are many more products about to come. These quality products will make the user’s life better. We’ll give you training; We’ll give you the tools, and you are all set to earn, wherever and however you want!

Own a small business! Earn more than extra money!

First, understand our product, and for that, we have our team to help. Next, share it on your Instagram, Facebook groups, Whatsapp, Family, Friends, College, Office, Society Groups, or from your word of mouth. The moment you make a sale and cha-ching! There’s your commission!

We know you have questions. And for that, here we are! Ready to answer everything. Try once, maybe a timepass for now, but let’s not forget the power of small business and, of course, you!

Share! Sell! Earn!