A Cycle Tour of Agra

Agra Jan 20, 2020

The city of Agra stands testimony to the epic love story between the Emperor and his beloved Queen in the form of Taj Mahal which is the crown glory of not only the city but the country, but Agra has much more to offer than the Taj, and that is precisely what the cycle tour is aimed to unearth for the traveller to experience; the path untaken.

The tour aims at presenting life in Agra at the grassroots level, in its narrow lanes, in its street food and the small sub localities. To put in touch the traveller with the warm and welcoming people of the city. To facilitate for the traveller to witness the life of an ordinary Agra citizen in its purest form is another aim of the tour. The trip combines visiting major attractions and the Country Side, all bundled into a day.

The cycle tour is also aimed at the traveller experiencing the love that amongst the ancient and the contemporary elements of the city and the harmony that prevails in the town. The tour will cover the lesser-known streets and foods of Agra along the way but never losing sight of the awe-inspiring Taj and returning for a scenic sunset at the Taj for a perfect close to the day.

Agra was a Mughal stronghold which becomes quickly (as one enters the city) apparent to the traveller through the monuments that dot the city. The tour will encompass the culture of the city not only through the monuments of the past but people of the today. The traveller will cycle past the citizen going about his day peeking into the life of the locals and will stop for many street food delicacies to recharge their batteries.

Sunset at the Taj

Taj mahal is considered the equivalent of the earthly embodiment of the heavenly love story of the Emperor and his beloved wife and there are not many monuments built solely as a symbol of love.

Returning to the Taj Mahal after the tour for a pleasant sunset experience is planned as a calm ending to an energy-filled exploration of the city. Experience as the setting sun changes the hue of the Taj from sparkling white to golden. The experience is as magical as seeing the sun go down from the ramparts of heaven on earth and once in a lifetime.