7 Things To Remember When Travelling to Chopta, Uttarakhand

uttarakhand Mar 06, 2020

Ready to trek up the beautiful mountain of Tungnath!
Hope you have packed everything required for a better experience in this getaway.

If not, Don't worry.

Here are a 7 things you need to make sure to carry for a great time at Chopta:

1.  Clothes To Pack

  • Pack from winter clothing to other protective gear that will help you survive the freezing weather of the mountains.
  • Ensure to keep your protective gear safe.
  • Choose rubber-soled shoes for better comfort, warmth, and safety.

2. Fitness Readiness

  • If you are planning to go on Tungnath Trek, you should have some strong legs. Join a gym, trek coaching classes, or do some leg exercises daily.
  • Go on pace walk daily to gain some stamina for the trek.
  • Buy a trekking pole for additional support during the trek, or you can grab a stick on the way.

3. Take Care of Your Skin

  • You are exposed to the ultraviolet rays of the sun in the mountains more than anywhere, and the chances of getting sunburn increases.
  • If not sunburn, then dry skin due to cold. So, it is best to keep sunscreen and moisturizer with you to keep your skin fresh, and hence your mood sound.

4. Handy Emergency Numbers

  • It is essential to keep emergency numbers like the Uttarakhand Tourism Development Board Office, police, ambulance, and your hotel.
  • Keep the details of your hotel in your wallet/bag or phone, and don't forget to share the same with your friends and family too.

5. Identification Documents

  • Keeping a government-issued ID proof is always a good idea, no matter where you are traveling. Hotels or Resorts in Chopta would most probably ask you to provide ID proof before you check-in.
  • It helps in identifying you quicker in case of emergencies.

6. Keep Cash in Your Pocket

  • Although the villagers are gradually catching up with the digital world but yet there are some shops where you can't find UPI payment options or card payment options. It would help if you had cash in such a situation.
  • On the way to Tungnath in your trek, you'd find small stalls with aromatic and energizing tea & local snacks. You wouldn't want to miss them just because you didn't have cash, would you?

7. Don't Forget the above 6 things.

Haha.. Keep smiling as the villagers of Uttarakhand are friendly folks, and straight faces make them feel sad and perplexed.

Nitin Kandwal (Kabir)

Hailing from Devbhoomi Uttarakhand, Nitin Kandwal, aka Kabir, is a Content Writer & Digital Marketing Enthusiast at Sair. Performed over a 150+ Live Shows, Kabir is also a Standup Comedian by passion.