6 things to remember while traveling to Manali

manali Mar 06, 2020

Planning a trip to Manali?

Have you packed everything required for a wonderful getaway?

There are a few things you need to make sure to carry for a great time at Manali, including the following:

Suitable Apparels

Manali is a hill station with snowy mountains all around the year. However, you won't find snowfall during summer, but it'll still be cold during nights.

You need to carry clothes according to the season you are visiting Manali.

For summers, you should take sweatshirts, full-sleeved t-shirts, light sweaters, light mufflers, wind-cheater, and cap.

For winters, you must carry warm clothing that is suitable for extreme winter and snowfalls like woolen sweaters, leather jacket, woolen socks, woolen/leather gloves, thermal inner-wear, woolen caps, & mufflers.

Rubber-soled Shoes

If you don't want your feet to kill you while climbing and descending the rocky and nonuniform hilly areas of Manali, you must carry some rubber-soled boots with you. Their firm grip would keep your feet comfortable and protected.

Emergency Contacts

It is essential to keep emergency numbers like Himachal Tourist Information Center, police, ambulance, and your hotel.

Keep the details of your hotel in your wallet/bag or phone, and don't forget to share the same with your friends and family too.

Survival Stack

It's always smart to keep homemade food with you when you are traveling to a new place. It gives you a day or two to settle in with the new water & food culture.

However, packed food, bottled water, First Aid Kit, and medications prescribed by your doctor are best to be carried if you are planning for a mountain trek. This will help you survive in case of an emergency.

Skin Products

You are exposed to the ultraviolet rays of the sun in the mountains more than anywhere, and the chances of getting sunburn increases. If not sunburn, then dry skin due to cold. So, it is best to keep sunscreen and moisturizer with you to keep your skin fresh, and hence your mood sound.

Valid ID Cards

Keeping a government-issued ID proof is always a good idea, no matter where you are traveling. Hotels or Resorts in Manali would most probably ask you to provide ID proof before you check-in.

Also, if you are planning to go to Rohtang pass, you will be asked for valid ID proof. You wouldn't want to miss experiencing the incredible scenic beauty and thrill of the pass and return home sad just because you forgot your ID in your hotel or home, would you?

Nitin Kandwal (Kabir)

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