Most Intriguing Facts About Agra

Agra Dec 10, 2019

Agra Fort was impregnable

Agra was one of the most influential cities in the world during the Mughal dynasty. It served as the capital city for their kingdom. Many Kings from around the world used to visit Agra and praise its architectural brilliance. One such brilliant architecture was Agra Fort, which was considered an impregnable fort.
The design included the southern gate with a 60-degree inclined pathway that made it impossible for the enemy elephants and horses to climb during a battle with efficiency. If the enemy infantry would somehow manage to climb a bit ahead, superhot oil used to be poured down on them, eventually killing many and obstructing the entry.

Address To A Two and half centuries old College

Established during British Era in 1850, St. John's College of Agra is the oldest in India. It is considered as one of the most beautifully designed colleges in the country. The College has very prominent alumni, the foremost of them being the former President of India late Dr. Shanker Dayal Sharma.

The Largest Shoe-Manufacturer In the World

Agra is known for it's UNESCO World Heritage Sites like TajMahal and Jantar Mantar and its popular sweet dish like Petha, but it's a lesser-known fact that it is the second-largest exporter in the world after China.
Don't forget to grab a pair or two of in-budget designer shoes next time you are in Agra.

The Yamuna River was once Blue

Did you know that the highly polluted Yamuna river of today was once known as a blue river?
It was so clean that its river bed could be seen with naked eyes. Unfortunately, it near to impossible, but it would become the next wonder of Agra if we could retain its pristinity.

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