4 lesser-known Indian dishes too delicious to ignore

Food Nov 01, 2019

Two words “Indian food” rake up a whole lot of imagination and for those who have experienced the magic of these two words, it will surely bring a smile on your face. A well-known fact that all of us admire is that India is a nation of various races, cultures and tribes and as a result, it is also home to a conglomeration of wonderful cuisines.  

With so many cuisines and so much to choose from, Indians are definitely spoilt for choice. The biryani and butter chickens of the world surely gather a lot of fans around the globe with their rich history and their ability to tickle the taste buds anytime. Having said that, there are many Indian foods that go unnoticed and definitely deserve more attention.

Listed below are some of the dishes that we would like to shed some light on and we believe every Indian food lover should get their hands on (literally)!

  1. KHAR

Khar is a unique Assamese dish that is usually served as a starter. The flavour of Khar is mostly credited to its main ingredient called “ Kola Khar” which is made by sun-drying the peels of a banana tree trunk. It is later burnt to ashes and filtered through water. Khar is known for having medicinal properties and is a great precursor to the main food.  

2. Sidu  

One of the most loved dishes of Himachal, Sidu or Siddu will have your taste-buds ticking in no time. A steamed yeast bread made out of wheat flour, it is stuffed with walnut or paneer with a combination of vegetables that one may like to use in them. Served with a dash of ghee, dal or chutney, this dish is best served hot to beat the chill of Himachal winter.

3. Chaman Kaliya

Another absolute delightful delicacy from the paradise of India. Once you have it, you would wonder as to why it did not become famous just as other main dishes of India. Chaman is called Paneer in Kashmiri cuisine and this dish is so simple and flavourful, you would immediately fall in love with it. Made with fine-tuning paneer with milk and cashews, this dish closely resembles another famous dish called “Shahi Paneer” which is called its distant cousin.

4. Chicken Dak Bungalow

Chicken, potatoes and eggs in one dish. Period!! That explains what might be in store for a person who is ready to indulge in this heavenly delight. The dish got its name from a place britishers once used to stay :Dak Bungalows. The cooks wanted to create something special for them that would have a healthy mix of both meat and vegetables. Now a near forgotten treasure, this dish will undoubtedly leave you wanting for more if ever you get a chance to taste it.

These are just a few dishes out of hundreds that for some reason could not attain the limelight it deserves. Many of these lost recipes have their stories so inextricably linked to the history and culture of India, it is our responsibility to not only preserve these wonderful delicacies but to make it popular again by retrieving their glory which was lost in time.